Dear Ted Fellow Team Members,


Please find below the details and word file of Yashfeen Pulsation Health Transformation based on human creation manual by the creator, as you are aware of the worldly system. Whenever we purchase any device equipment or any stuff we received operating and handling manual.

Based on core worldly concept which we use for the product, why we have forgotten our own existence how we are created and what creator means to us by creating in such a unique and highest form of his creation mankind.

Coming to the subject words file is attached & along with a video in google drive of reality human creation, scientist and researcher core proof of human body and its surrounding.

My innovation is based available truth and reality which is accepted by everyone and every, what i have done is cloud the reality of human creation.

Leaders of reality all has mentioned in one page

Assistant of Dr. Luc Montagnier

Leaders of reality all has mentioned in one page

power dot saying about electricity and name of all scientist

All the resources document/ videos are available in below link–WssPptGU8O4-of7XT8FY-179l

Thank you for kindness

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