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ANFUS - 3rd Dimension of Spirituality (Anfus equal Body, soul and reality)

Since the bingeing of Humans civilization on the face of earth feelings and emotions have played a major role in longevity and spending a healthy life. Considering all facts and reality of human creation Mr Mubeen has re-invented the methodology of Anfus the 3rd Dimension of spirituality.

We at Mehad Emotion as a solution provider company is focused on sharing knowledge and information about the reality and self-awareness, we believe that all 3 aspects of the human path of longevity are based on creator manual of human creation (Yashfeen Pulsation, Mubino Therapy and Anfus 3rd dimension of humans) if aligned in sequences of one for all and all for one we will achieve the new height of health Transformation and most important it is inline of all religions on the face of the earth, which says love thy neighbour as thy self, and when you are aware of self you can re-create your own dimension of loving thy neighbour as thy self.

We human believe that we there is only body and soul we run or that run us but in reality, it is Anfus the 3rd Dimension of thought which is connected to the creator, due to our outer circumstance, we miss the connection and our path of Anfus with creator which is diverted in 2 phase good and bad before it reached the main sources of Creator this where our reality of humanity is explored. This where we are focus on providing the solution to understand and be the part of truth one for all and all for one.

Mind Soul & spirit: We don’t say much, we say just this take your mind spiritual journey beyond imagination creation and enjoy spirit blessing and sprit creation of creator.

We believe in the essence of creation of life.

Health & Fitness: Exercise of body and muscle is good, but we at Mehad Middle East believe that all our partners can create a health and fitness for our Neuron organs and create a healthy life style of longevity.

Productivity: Progressive realization of worthy goal and we care and share each soul to attain it goal and emotional balanced by acquiring everything within imagination and self-creation.

Free Courses : We provide platform for every individuals to create there free course and serve humanity and in return create extra income for the self and for millions of people.

Webinar: Make you own webinar and create world best culture and society by introducing your feelings & your emotion in the form of spirituality.

Interview: Share your interviews and motivational videos on our platform to reach millions of soul on the face of earth, as freelancer and full time member of Mehad Middle  East.

Are you a spiritualist, do you practice yoga, do you believe in soul care if interested to share your vision, your wisdom to the people by the people for the people and extra income by providing services to humanity. Join us a window to the world of feelings & emotions be a partner in Mehad Middle East Arabia contact us on noblestpartner@mehadme.com

Be a consultant for taking a step ahead of Emotion Fitness Health Transformation schools & multinational companies. Emotion platform is an integral part of schools, universities and businesses.

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