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    BRAHMI POWDER ( 100% Certified Organic Powder )

    Brahmi is great for hair growth. It acts as a tonic for hairs. If Brahmi oil massaged on the head, it helps strengthen the brain as well. Prevents hair fall. Prevents and reverse grey hair, especially if combined with amla oil, reducing dandruff and flakiness. It improves the health of hair in many ways by its amazing benefits.
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    HAIR TREATMENT & HAIR WASH ( 100% Certified Organic Powder )

    Organic Amla+Reetha+Shikakai Powder is used as a herbal hair treatment. It gives the complete benefit of Amla, Ritha and Shikakai.  
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    INDIGO POWDER ( 100% Certified Organic Powder )

    Benefits of Organic Indigo Leaf Powder Hair Colour 100g Real Natural Free Shipping 
    • Increases Hair Volume and Hair Shine. Improves Hair Texture.
    • Makes hair more manageable, hydrates the hair and protects the hair from atmospheric pollutants
    • Safe to use. Contains no harmful chemicals - 100% Chemical Free.
    • Suitable for all ages.
    • 100% Vegan Certified by The Vegan Society.
    • No Animal Testing.
    • Cruelty Free.
    • Halal Certified.
    • Ecocert Cosmos Organic Certified.
    • USDA Organic Certified.
    • USDA approved.
    Instructions for Use When used as a dye on its own, the colour result is dark blue. Radico Organic Indigo Leaf Powder can be mixed with Radico Organic Henna Powder, to obtain that has  a medium to dark brown shade. A rich black colour may be obtained by applying Radico Indigo Leaf Powder to hair dyed previously with Radico Organic Henna Powder.  Note: DO NOT bleach the hair after applying Indigo Powder. This may result in a greenish colour outcome. Indigo requires about two days to give the maximum colour to shop on the hair. Therefore it is advised to not use any chemical based shampoos during this time as it may have an effect on the final colour outcome. Avoid contact with your eyes and mouth and do not use on damaged skin. Always perform a strand and allergy test before using the product.  
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    ORGANIC AMLA POWDER ( 100% Certified Organic Powder )

    Excellent remedy for premature greying of hair. Controls dandruff, prevents excessive hair fall and increases shine in hairs. Contains several antioxidants including vitamin C which is necessary for collagen production. Collagen accelerates production and increases the strength of new hair growth.
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    ORGANIC COLOURLESS HENNA POWDER ( 100% Certified Organic Powder )

    Radico Colour Me Organic — Organic Cassia (Colorless Henna Powder)

    Colourless henna, also known as cassia, increases hair suppleness and shine. It revives blonde hair and gives grey hair a golden tint. The plant powder strengthens the hair and minimises existing hair damage. It helps to restore the balance of oily hair. Cassia can be added to henna to lessen redness or to achieve a lighter copper shade.   It is extremely handy for the people who want to benefit from the medicinal uses of henna but do not want to color their hair. Cassia is an excellent hair conditioner and makes it soft and shiny. Please Note: in spite of its name, the Colorless Henna Powder might tone white, very light blond and grey hair with a golden to orange colour. On darker hair no toning will be visible  
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    Wine Red Colour Me Organic Hair

    The Organic Hair Color Starter Kit (Pack of 3) is our recommended package for those who want to completely shift to organic hair care. To achieve best results, at least 3 applications are suitable, especially when your hair has undergone years of damage because of intense heat and chemical treatments. During the first application of the organic hair color, the herbs are only just starting to break down the chemical barriers, so it will really take time for your hair to adjust and go back to its natural state.

    It will take patience, but the organic way of life for your hair is worth

    RADICO: Our best-selling Radico is the first certified organic hair color. It is only made up of 100% herbs so it is the most natural way to color your hair.

    Radico has no: - PPD - PAP - Ammonia - Resorcinol - Parabens It is highly recommended to people with sensitive scalp and those allergic to regular hair color. Try Radico today! WE ACCEPT:  Debit / Credit Card      Bayad Center     ECPay      Smart Money      Globe GCash      Bank Deposit  Cash on Delivery available in Lazada. CERTIFIED BY: FDA      India Organic  Vegan Main Features of Organic Hair Color:
    • Contains No harmful synthetic chemicals.
    • Blends away grays for more natural coverage.
    • Protects and nourishes hair and restores natural shine & luster.
    • It balances and nourishes the hair shaft to prevent breakage.
    • Shampoo and Conditioner are not required after rinsing hair.
    • Color stays up to 30 days
    • Can be used safely at home.
    • Certified Ecocert product.
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