Emotion Health Transformation vision

Avoid chronic diseases & mutually work together with every individual soul for betterment of healthy life style.

Emotion Health Transformation awareness of human body Acidic and Alkaline nature

Maintain PH level of each cells in human body, with Yashfeen Pulsation Technology & Mubino Therapy to avoid major chronic diseases like cancer, diabetics and blood pressure.

Clairvoyance Emotion Health Transformation in every fitness center, health clubs & wellness center and every location where health is priority.

What is Emotion Fitness Studio?

Emotion Fitness Studio is a journey of Alkaline human body and choice of every human on the face of earth for healthy lifestyle and longetivity.

We influence that every human on the face of earth has to be aware of healthy lifestyle by understanding the human creation in (98% amnotic fluid) water in mother Womb and Bioelectricity in Brain & body.

Emotion Health Transformation Methodology

Emotion Health Transformation Methodology is a reality of human creation which is based on feelings & prayers, we motivate people to be part of self-awareness and self-create a journey based on Emotion and inner peace.

Emotion Health Transformation methodology is highly supportive and highly effective when taken in line with Human Creator manual to avoid major chronic diseases.

Technique of Emotion Health Transformation

Yashfeen Voltaic Muscle Pulsation

(2 times in a Week)

Maintain Ultimate Balanced in Neuron Organs

(MUBINO Therapy)

Emotion Kitchen – Neuron Organ Diet Care

Technique of Emotion Health Transformation


We fashion business opportunities for freelancer, personnel trainers and every individual to be part of Emotion Fitness community. We provided a unique platform for every individual from any disciple any nationality to podcast there feelings & emotions for the people by the people and bring awareness & self-awareness motivate others around the world.



Emotion Health Transformation, we are always looking for individual who can make the difference in the life of millions by their creativity. Freelancer and influence speakers can be part of Emotion Business Team.



In coordination with world pioneer & leaders and world best speakers we will bring the intuition in line with human creation by creator and EHT Methodology.

Coming soon

  • 9 Vortexes Self Alignment  


  • Human Body 9 Chakras


  • App Coming soon which will change the restaurants & Café industry

Emotion Fitness Kitchen

Are you a café or restaurant owner, or an individual with creative mind set and have passion for cooking and serving best diet plan for every soul, interested in expansion in the Middle East region and having Mehad Middle East as a partner?

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